Josef Hasler

Josef Hasler is an audio engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Halifax, N.S. 

A graduate of NSCC's Music Production and Engineering program, recipient of the program's most dedicated student award. Josef specialises in recording acoustic instrumentation, excelling as a producer of folk, rock, and alternative pop music.

An accomplished live sound engineer and recordist, Josef has worked with notable Maritime acts such as Tim Baker, Matt Minglewood, and The Mellotones.

Jacob Ferguson

Also an NSCC Music Production and Engineering graduate, Jacob Ferguson is a versatile producer/engineer from Halifax.

Jacob's specialty is in digital post-production and mixing, with experience in a variety of genres including rock, R&B, pop and hip-hop. He has worked with local acts such as The Thaumaturge, Superpush, and the ECMA nominated JupiterReign.

Jacob was a recipient of the honours award when graduating from the music production program. He also was credited with the first place prize as a group leader in an NSCC music production competition, judged by local industry producers.